How to fix squeaking noises on Tacx Flux cycling trainer

The Tacx Flux is a smart indoor cycling trainer (here is a review of it on road.cc) which helps the motivated cyclist to keep his fitness over the cold winter days.

Anyway, after a few hundred Kilometers it sometimes starts to produce a scraping and squeaking noise. This is super annoying. But, there is a way to fix it:

Important: you probably loose your warranty if you open the trainer.

What you need

  • a T20 torx bit and a electric screwdriver
  • tools to remove a cassette (chain whip and cassette tool)
  • a can of belt spray

What to do

  • remove the quick-release from the trainer
  • remove the cassette from the trainer
  • remove all the torx screws on both sides. Attention there are short and log screws, mark where the long screws go, so its easier to put together later
  • remove the Panels
  •  Spray on the inner side of the belt, while slowly turning it, make sure the whole belt is penetrated with the spray

After finishing these steps, put the trainer back together. Make sure the short and long torx screws are in the right places and tighten the cassette properly, according to the values on the nut – usually around 40nm.

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9 Gedanken zu „How to fix squeaking noises on Tacx Flux cycling trainer“

  1. Vielen vielen Dank dafür!
    Hatte das gleiche Problem nach 5 Monaten und wollte den Rollentrainer erst
    als Garantiefall einschicken.

    Die Anleitung hat mich bestärkt es selbst zu versuchen.

    Man braucht tatsächlich nur einen Torx T20 und etwas Riemenspray –
    in meinem Fall WD40 Hochleistungs-Silikonspray.
    Zusätzlich hilft ein Blasebalg zum Entfernen von Gummirückständen am Riemen
    und an den Drehelementen.

    Das Teil gibt keinen Mucks mehr von sich 😉

    Das Tacx Supportticket lasse ich jetzt schliessen.

  2. Gerade über die Seite gestolpert – ja, mit dieser jährlichen Inspektion bin ich sehr zufrieden mit meinem Tacx. Anstatt Silikonspray verwende ich allerdings ein Keilriemenspray von K2. Nach zwei Jahren noch keinerlei negativen Effekte.

  3. So I’ve just done this and it’s a BAD IDEA! The belt now just slips and it no longer works as a turbo trainer. I can’t put any power down it just starts slipping right away.

    • Hi. Put the spray out and not in the inner side. And put some spay in the bearings. Works fine. Now clean the inner belt otherwise it slips and dosnt work. Appens to me.

  4. Many thank for the tutorial, Severin.

    I think it is important to comply with instructions and use belt spray / belt conditioner (in my case the same as in instruction above) instead of WD40 or any other „sprays“. In the first minute after applying the spray my belt slipped too and I thought, on noooe! Then I applied the spray outside and inside the belt for a complete turn, waited some minutes and the slippage was gone.

    I´ve done the service, rode a LIT session yesterday and tested it today too. Noise, squeaking seems gone.

    Best regards

  5. Did you have to remove the legs first? I don’t have the tool to undo the bolts and wondering if I can get away without undoing the bolts.


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