Turn a Raspberry pi, a touchscreen and volumio into an audio media player

This is how I turned a raspberry pi, a touchscreen and some other stuff into a little audio box for my kids.

The idea

I was looking for a way to build a little audio box for my kids, where they can listen to all their music and radio plays. The box should be controlled over a touch interface. And it should have integrated speakers.

The hardware

The build centers around the raspberry pi 3 (Model B) and the 7” touchscreen. They are currently availabe as a set at digitec. The set comes with all the cable and connectors needed.

The power is distributed by an IcyBox IBCH402 which provides 6A of power over 4 USB Ports.

The raspberry pi’s built-in 3.5mm audio jack port is known for his low audio quality. So I went and added a DAC HAT board from just boom.

To power the two speakers (3cm x 7cm – 8 Ohm 5 Watt), I added a small amplifier from Adafruit.

And lot of small parts like cables, USB plugs, screws and a SD card.

The Software

After a lot of try and error, I found out that there is only one way to install volumio properly on the given hardware and get the touchscreen working.


  1. Download Volumio and put it on the sd card. Make sure to download the 2.389 Version. This is important! I found out that newer or older versions just won’t work.
  2. There are several ways to flash an image on an SD card. I used etcher.
  3. Put the SD Card back into the raspberry pi (and mount everything together: DAC, touchscreen, etc.)
  4. Connect the raspberry pi with an ethernet cable to your network
  5. Boot the raspberry pi (the touchscreen will stay black)
  6. Browse on your computer to http://volumio.local and run the setup
  7. During setup configure your your wifi connection

Configuration on the device

  1. Browse to http://volumio.local/dev and activate ssh
  2. Ssh to to volumio ( ssh volumio@volumio.local pw:volumio)
  3. Run the following commands on volumion
  4. sudo apt-get update
  5. sudo apt-get install keyboard-configuration (choose EN-US)
  6. Browse to http://volumio.local/dev and disable ssh (for security reasons)
  7. Install touchscreen plug-in
  8. Reboot, the screen should now be working

More stuff

You can access the filesystem of volumio from windows machines over SMB (\\volumio)

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